AC adapter for Klipsch iGroove HG 1006819 ipod docking speaker

Wednesday, 18. September 2013

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From across the store, in a sea of iPod speaker systems there was this curvy black beauty standing out like a diamond in the rough. Before I even heard it, I wanted one. But how would it sound?  Horn-loaded tweeters reproduce clean, clear highs, while dual 2-1/2″ woofers and a tuned bass port give you full mids and lows.

An auxiliary input lets you hook up and enjoy another audio source through the iGroove, such as a portable CD player. And the iGroove’s S-video output lets you show movies and videos from a compatible iPod on your television.

A solid all-in-one speaker system with unique styling, a remote control, adapters for mini, nano, and non-iPod docking audio devices, Rock any room with the Klipsch iGroove HG all-in-one iPod speaker, a dynamic shelf system that works with iPods and most other MP3 players. 

And Now Powerpayless.comare selling the power supply for Klipsch iGroove 1000330, Klipsch iGroove HG 1006819, 15V for Klipsch iGroove SXT

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