Power supply replace AC adapter ZVC40LT12107

Monday, 25. February 2013

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Power supply replace AC adapter ZVC40LT12107 , This model adapter specification as below:
Input voltage: 100V ~ 240V

Output: 12V 3.42~3.5A Up to 65Watts

and the plug is 3 prong plug as the link below:





Power adapter for hon-kwang ITE d12-70

Wednesday, 20. February 2013

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HON-KWANG – D12-70 / 12VDC 700MA AC Adapter Charger Power Supply ,

HonKwang Electric is a manufacturer of adapter, power transformer, power cords.
Power adapter for hon-kwang ITE d12-70 (equiv )

Input voltage: 100V ~ 240V
Output: 12Vdc 700mA ~ 1.0A Up to 15Watts

Now Powerpayless.com are selling the OEM replacement adapter for this  Hon-kwang ITE d12-70 ,


Yee FU YF1401000K3-UL power supply

Wednesday, 20. February 2013

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The model number for this power supply is YF1401000K3-UL,  we have this new, switching mode power supply (A/C adapter) for a VocoPro UHF-5800 receiver. It is rated at 14v, 1000ma. This was supplied for the UHF-5800, but it may work with other VocoPro devices. Match the 14V, 1000ma output rating, and the model number on your old adapter, and this will work. The model number for this power supply is YF1401000K3-UL. 

AC adapter replace Yee FU YF1401000K3-UL power supply


Yamakasi Catleap Q270 computer monitor 24V power adapter

Friday, 15. February 2013

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This Yamakasi Catleap Q270 computer monitor is very cheap but very good quality, Compared to other monitors out there:The monitor completely destroys the competition, Buy from a top rated seller with a good dead pixel warranty, that includes a power brick that draws less power. Bricks that use too much power won’t help anything and gives off way more heat.

Now Powerpayless.com are selling this 24V adapter for Yamakasi Catleap Q270 computer monitor:

24V power adapter for Yamakasi Catleap Q270 computer monitor



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Sony FDT-5BX5 watchman TV power adapter

Thursday, 14. February 2013

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 It is the ultra Rare Sony Color Watchman TV with AM/FM Tuner,This is Model # FTD-5BX5 FROM 1993.  This TV has a great picture. Almost impossible to take a good picture of a TV screen,but this does.

This TV needs 13.5V power adapter as below link in Powerpayless.com

Sony FDT-5BX5 watchman TV power adapter


Sharper Image Wireless Security Camera TW915 BLU TTA-30T power adapter

Friday, 8. February 2013

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This clock hidden camera contains a high quality pinhole camera that provides excellent video output directly to your VCR, TV or monitor. It is a nearly undetectable and is excellent for watching the kids, babysitter or any other security purpose. Comes equipped with RCA plug for direct connection with your VCR, TV or monitor.

Now Powerpayless.com is selling the power adapter for this clock:



JOD-48U-33 class 2 transformer AC DC power adapter replace

Thursday, 7. February 2013

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Ac-dc Adapter For Model Jod48u33 Plug-in Class 2 Transformer Power Supply. AC-DC ADAPTER. PLUG-IN CLASS 2 TRANSFORMER. Model JOD48U33. INPUT: AC 120V 60Hz 225mA. OUTPUT: DC 6V 2.1A.


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Calculated Industries 44065 Construction Calculator 6V AC power adapter

Tuesday, 5. February 2013

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Calculated Industries 44065 Construction Calculator is one thing I’ve always wanted to buy,It’s the most complete Builder’s “Desktop Printing” Calculator on the market! An essential business tool that eliminates tedious math, formulas and errors. And now, due to popular demand, it also includes a built-in printer! This makes it easy to record or double-check your figures or estimates with a paper printout.


Now Powerpayless.com also sells power adapter for this calculator: