24V AC power adapter for Logitech G27 racing wheel

Tuesday, 24. July 2012

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You’ll experience traction loss, weight shift, and road feel recreated smoothly and accurately. Helical gearing provides the exceptionally quiet steering action, simulator-grade racing wheel, the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel is designed to deliver the definitive sim racing experience for the PC and PLAYSTATION3.

And now powerpayless.com are selling those power adapter for Logitech G27 Racing Wheel,

24V AC power adapter for Logitech G27 racing wheel



Rexon AC-005 Power Adapter 4pin vs 5 pin power adapter

Tuesday, 10. July 2012

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This Rexon AC-005 power adapter has caused some confusion for our customers.

Rexon  actually named two very different parts or products with the exact same part number. so customer need to be careful not to purchase the right part number and receive the wrong part!you need to be vigilant in nailing down the number of “PINS” on the plug that fits into the drive itself.

Most common is the 4 pin variety which has 4 gold tipped pins and one plastic guide. There is also a 5 pin unit which has 5 gold tipped pins and one plastic guide. These two different units are not interchangable…

Most electronic component dealers won’t allow you to return an item purchased from them under any circumstances so selecting the correct item the first time is financially advisable. the good news is when you shop in Powerpayless.com,  you can always return within 30 days for any reasons, and we also have a technical support online , so if you are not sure which you should buy, simple send us email or summit Looking for adapter form , we can help you to confirm which adapter is the right choice for you.




5V power adapter for Gigaware 26-1533 4-Port USB Hub

Monday, 2. July 2012

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Have a convenient spot for your laptop with this universal stand from Gigaware. It works with any netbook or laptop up to 17″ and has 4 USB ports for connecting and charging your peripheral devices.

Now powerpayless.com are selling the power supply for those Gigaware USB Hub, check this listing, or simple put the brand name or model to search on our website: