AC/DC power adapter replace FranMar SPU45E-201 power supply

Thursday, 28. June 2012

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You may also find other latest Switching Power Supply,AC/DC Adapter,Desktop Power,Dual  Brand Name: Franmar; Connection: Desktop; Model Number: STD Dual output; Usage: …. SPU45E/SPU65/SPU-130-201: 5, 12V

Switching Power Supply,AC/DC Adapter,45/65/130W Desktop Power,Laptop Power
Model: SPU45E/SPU65/SPU130
Key Specifications/Special Features:Characteristics:
Input voltage: 90V gets to 264V AC
Input frequency: 47 to 63Hz
Inrush current: 30A when 115V (hour), 15A/230V AC
Withstand voltage: I/P-O/P: 4,242V DC
Efficiency: 70 to 80%
Voltage difference: ±5%
Leak current: 0.25mA typical
Ripple and noise: 1% p-p maximum
Working temperature: derate linearly from 100% load at 40°C to 50% load at 70°C
Preserving temperature: -40 to +85°lC
Relative humidity: 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Protection: OVP and OCP

And now also sell this brand new replacement adapter for FranMar :

Logitech G27 racing wheel power adapter

Thursday, 28. June 2012

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The wheel is well designed, not too large not too small. Paddle shifters are excellent–so is the H-Pattern shifter as well.This wheel is an incredible piece of equipment, great for anyone who is into sim racing or just likes to race casually on titles such as Need for Speed.  the Logitech® G27 Racing Wheel features a powerful, dual-motor force feedback motors really put out a lot of power, you can feel every bump in the surface of the track. are selling power supply for different models of Logitech G27,

24V AC power adapter for Logitech G27 racing wheel

24V AC power adapter for Logitech G25 racing wheel

Cigar auto car charger car adapter for Logitech / Slim Devices Squeeze

Philips shoqbox PSS115/17 MP3 player power adapter

Tuesday, 26. June 2012

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The Philips ShoqBox is a universal wireless portable speaker that works with your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, as well as most other Bluetooth …  The Shoqbox delivers great Sound performance over a wide frequency range. It’s designed and engineered to hold up with the bumps and splashes that Surround your Mobile lifestyle. It is shock- and splash-resistant.  the Philips SB7200 Shoqbox Universal Bluetooth Portable Speaker system delivers beyond expectations.

And provide power adapter and car charger for those philips shoqbox speaker.

5V AC adapter for Kodak Pulse W730 Digital picture frame

Thursday, 21. June 2012

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The Kodak W730 is a stylish picture frame that adds charm and sophistication,  Now everyone can send pictures right to your frame, giving you continuous surprises. Adding your own pictures is easy too. It doesn’t slow you down with time-consuming software setups or complicated technology. It makes connecting with friends and family simple, so you’ll always have new pictures to relive and enjoy. Always has to be plugged in.  Photos are saved in memory and also copies are kept on the site where you set up an account.

any if you lost the power supply for that, don’t worry, that is what stand by, our team will help you to find the right adapter for your devices:

Now has most versions power adapter for Kadak picture frame,

6V AC / DC power adapter for Sony SRS-38 SRS38 speaker

Monday, 18. June 2012

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When it comes to creating high-quality Hi-Fi sound in your home, selecting the proper speakers is even more important. Sony makes it easy with an extremely wide range of different speakers. Whether you’re listening to a refined string quartet or watching a powerful action-packed movie, Sony’s speakers are designed to deliver an intensive acoustic experience that is both powerful and emotional. PRODUCT FEATURES: 8″ newly developed Kevlar H.O.P. woofer; 3 ¼” enhanced H.O.P. cone – mid driver; 1″ nano fine balanced dome tweeter; Sound reproduction to 50kHz (for high resolution audio); 120W maximum input power.

Now are selling power supply for Sony speaker, like the listing below,


if you are looking for some special adapter which the specification not provided in our product listing, simply just send email to , they can customize or find the right power adapter for customer.


AC power adapter for Hp JetDirect 175x J6035D print server

Monday, 18. June 2012

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HP Jetdirect 175x Fast Ethernet external print server. The HP JetDirect 175x external print server/Internet connector for USB lets you easily and inexpensively share printers or HP multifunction devices, the Product number are J6035A, J6035B, J6035C, J6035D, or J6035G.
Now are selling this type of power adapter for this HP Jetdirect 175x Fast Ethernet external print server:

AC adapter replace Lacie ACU057A-0512 power supply for HDD

Wednesday, 13. June 2012

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Do you have Hard Drives desktop hard drive, Multimedia Hard Drives ?  this 4-Pin AC Adapter For LACIE ACU057A0512 Hard Drive HD Power Supply has complex 4 prong ping out, 

The power supply for the d2 Blu-Ray v.1 or d2 DVD±RW v.1 is a four pin power supply with the following specifications:
Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz 1.5
Output: 5V – 4.2A, 12V – 3A
Model No: ACU057A-0512
P/N: GP-ACU057A-0512
LaCie Part No:
USA: 800040
UK: 710449K
AU: 710449A

Indesys AD-5126 AC/DC power adapter

Monday, 11. June 2012

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Power Supply, Indesys with Power Cord, 5-Pin M , Original Part, OEM/Bulk Package, this adapter has three different voltage output, +5V 600mA +12V 250mA -12V 250mA,  and the adapter has five pins , just like the picture show, ask if you are looking for some special power adapter like this:


12V power supply for Linksys EFAH08W workgroup hub

Monday, 4. June 2012

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Linksys guarantees that every EtherFast 10/100 Workgroup Hub is free from physical defects in material … purchase. If the product proves defective during this warranty period, you can call Linksys …. reset the hub EFAH08W Linksys Etherfast 10/100 Auto-Sensing 8-Port Workgroup Hub.

  • Conforms to IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u standards
  • Auto sensing 10/100 ports automatically adjust to network speeds
  • Compatible with 10 Mbps Ethernet and 100 Mbps fast Ethernet hardware
  • Four (4) rubber grips on bottom
  • LED indicators for power, collision, and link activity
  • Includes an uplink port for joining to other hubs, stackable hubs, and switches
  • Mix 10BaseT and 100BaseTX hardware together
  • Great for sharing a cable or dial-up modem connection
  • Auto partitioning protects PC’s from downed network lines
  • Shares files, printers, multimedia, and dial up connections too!
  • Now are selling power adapter for Linksys hub, just type your linksys model number, you will find those listing on their web, and now there is new feature for looking for adapter form , if you are not sure what are you looking for , just send me a request form, the engineer can help you to confirm that.