iTouchless NX SX HX MX RX models Trashcan

Tuesday, 27. March 2012

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Keep your hands clean and your kitchen odor-free with the latest iTouchless Extra-wide lid opening Sensor Touchless Trash Can. It fits larger debris easily, such as large milk cartons or pizza boxes with its space-saving design. New smart active “beam sensor” opens the lid and keeps it open when your hand or any object is directly above the sensor range (approximately 4 inches), which eliminates false activation like other sensor cans. It closes automatically only when you finish your task. Since there is no contact with the can or the lid, it eliminates the spread of germs and allows you to continue with your daily tasks without repeated hand washing.

Now are selling the power adapter for this iTouchless  NX SX HX MX RX models Trashcan at great price:


12V AC power adapter for Samsung BD-D7500 Blu-ray Player

Tuesday, 20. March 2012

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Integrated blue disc lighting and touch sensor controls will impress even the most discerning connoisseur—and a slim, wall-mountable design makes a stylish addition to any home.
Captivating 2D & 3D in Full HD 1080pWhether you are viewing a premium-quality 2D picture or seeing incredible 3D depth, images are breathtakingly real in Samsung Full HD. Combine with a 3D TV and 3D active shutter glasses to view the latest Hollywood 3D titles or amplify your viewing experience by upconverting 2D content to immersive 3D.

now is selling this power supply for Samsung BD-D7500 Blu-ray Player:

18V AC / DC power adapter for HP OfficeJet K60xi All-In-One printer

Thursday, 15. March 2012

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HP OfficeJet K60xi All-In-One Inkjet – Printer, Scanner, Copier, Fax. It’s in great shape and works like a champ.  Features the following:

* Combines all your essential office and home communication needs in one reliable, easy-to-use product
* A printer, fax, scanner, and copier all in one
* Full-function plain-paper fax with color faxing
* Printer prints black text at 9 ppm, color at 7 ppm
* 2,400 dpi scanner resolution produces vivid, photo-quality reproductions of originals

This HP OfficeJet K60xi All-In-One printer requires 18V power adapter, and now are selling this adapters:

5V AC power adapter for Kogan Agora 7′ Tablet

Monday, 12. March 2012

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The Kogan Agora 7″ Tablet PC is the best value Android tablet in the world! For a fraction of the cost of similar products, you get a bright capacitive touchscreen, HDMI output, microSD card input, Wi-Fi, and access to thousands of apps & games in the Android Market.

Access the Internet, Facebook, YouTube, Games, Email and everything else using the powerful 1 Ghz processor!

It requires 5V power adapter with ting plug, and now is selling for this adapter for Kogan Agora 7′ Tablet:

5V AC power adapter for Kogan Agora 7′ Tablet

12V AC adapter for Atlantis Land monitor

Tuesday, 6. March 2012

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Atlantis Land monitor has refined and elegant design for this monitor 17” LCD.
Panel of elevated quality with high contrast and good
brightness and response time. Active loudspeakers
for an high quality audio signal.
LCD 17” Monitor
Resolution: 1280x1024 @ 75Hz
Brightness: 280 cd/m²
Contrast ratio: 450:1
Lamps: 4CCFL
Integrated multimedia speakers now have listed power adapter for four different models of
Atlantis Land monitor, although they have same price, actually the power adapter have different output amp:


12V and upto 3.5 Amp:

12V AC adapter replace A05-15AX-C03 for Atlantis Land monitor


12V with upto 4.16 Amp:

12V AC adapter replace A05-17AM-C04 for Atlantis Land monitor”

12V AC adapter replace A05-19AM-C05 for Atlantis Land monitor”
12V AC power adapter for Atlantis Land I-See S 171 LCD monitor

JHS-Q05/12-S335 12-S334 power supply

Thursday, 1. March 2012

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JHS-Q05/12-S335 12-S334 power supply is  a DC 5V 2A 12V 2A Switching Adapter, with 6ping plug,  this JHS-Q05/12-S335 12-S334 power supply is for  eSata HDD , This  ultra–upgradable, ultra–portable hard drive makes it ultra–easy for you to store, backup, encrypt and access your files anytime, anywhere.Allows you to access your content on your TV, network and on–the–go when combined with other GoFlex devices

this is OEM replacement adapter, people can find this at at the listing below:

replace JHS-Q05/12-S335 12-S334 power supply for eSata HDD enclosure

15V AC adapter for Minster MLP300 Compact Digital Piano

Thursday, 1. March 2012

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A slim and attractive Rosewood digital piano, with all the expressive sound qualities of an acoustic piano, at a very reasonable price. This piano offers the touch and feel of an acoustic piano featuring 88 weighted hammer action keys constructed using the very latest HD piano keyboard technology, and soft, sostenuto and damper pedals; along with an array of realistic piano and keyboard sounds.

This digital piano is using 15V power adapter, and we have this one sell on

15V AC adapter for Minster MLP300 Compact Digital Piano