Weihai Power Electronics SW34-1202A02-P3

Friday, 17. February 2012

Weihai Power Electronics SW34-1202A02-P3 mostly is for laptop power adapter,  a lot of customer  made mistake if that adapter is not original one, since this one required 12V 5V voltage output with 4 ping plug, but that is not normal 4 pin plug,

Now Powerpayless.com have this OEM replacement adapter and is compatible with original one, and anyone has question about the original adapter specifications or else, just simple send us email to admin@powerpayless.com, they can customize any kinds of special adapter.


AC power adapter replace Weihai Power Electronics SW34-1202A02-P3





Panasonic BL-210 BL-210A IP camera 9V power adapter

Friday, 10. February 2012

The Panasonic BL-C210 is an indoor pan/tilt camera aimed at entry-level applications. The camera features a maximum resolution of 640×480 at up to 30 frames per second and supports H.264 video compression which reduces network bandwidth without compromising video quality. Color night view mode also provides amplification of video footage in low-light conditions to improve sensitivity.

Panasonic BL-C210 – Key Benefits:

  • Choose where to monitor remotely with pan/tilt control
  • Compact casing can be mounted discreetly and can blend in with office decor
  • Cable installation is simplified with Power over Ethernet support and included midspan
  • Reduce network impact with H.264 video compression
  • Monitor and control your camera directly from a Panasonic Viera television
Powerpayless.com now selling the power adapter for Panasonic BL-210 BL-210A IP camera :

Adaptor replace part 693-0 for pitney bowes postage meter model 1183-9-3000

Friday, 10. February 2012

In 1920, the two companies merged to create the PitneyBowes Postage Meter Company,For 90 years,Pitney Bowes has been the leader in postage meters and machines. Pitney Bowes offers digital postage meter & machines specially for small businesses.

Now Powerpayless.com sell power supply which will work for Pitney Bowes postage meter like this one below, and keep in mind, we also can custom made adapters to meet special requirement :

Ac adaptor replace part 693-0 for pitney bowes postage meter model 1183-9-3000






15V adapter Kurzweil PP150-25 for Kurzweil Digital Piano

Friday, 3. February 2012

Economic and Competitive Conditions Affecting the U.S. consumers choice …Retailers report that digital pianos are the first choice of many new buyers.The Kurzweil digital piano sound technology is so far ahead of everyone that no one comes close,Kurzweil digital piano technology was created and introduced many years ago by the the renowned American inventor Ray Kurzweil.The Kurzweil sounds have been used extensively in movie & TV music production and are used by popular bands and musicians around the world. In fact, when you hear grand pianos, full concert string symphonies and choirs/voice sounds in various movies & shows, it’s likely that they used a Kurzweil piano to get that.


Now www.powerpayless.com sell replace 15V adapter Kurzweil PP150-25 for Kurzweil Digital Piano:




AC adapter for Iomega CDDVD482416E23 482416E23 External ROM

Friday, 3. February 2012

If you have a front loading external drive and the product logo on the face plate looks similar to the image below, you have an Iomega Super DVD, some of you may know , the power supply work for this device are kind of special, it require 5 pin plug with two different 12V, 5V output voltage, is hard to find the original adapter since this is old model, and to find the right replacement is not easy.  Good news is now www.Powerpayless.com has this replace adapter , that will work just like the original one,


AC adapter for Iomega CDDVD482416E23 482416E23 External ROM